Stop! (That Email) In the Name of Love

Imagine an AI bot that can read sentiment of outgoing e-communications then act on a set of rules when noticing strong negative emotions.

There is a personal rule I have created for myself — which I’m really good at doing when I remember to do it. (Do you see the irony in that?) Never communicate strong negative emotional communication electronically.

So — what if there was an AI tool to help me remember my own rules? And let’s take this one step further, what if as a company we decided this was a really great rule and so the AI tool was part of our company agreements in how we will communicate with each other in a healthier way? And the tool is installed as a plug into our email and chat systems?

If you find yourself being triggered, the worst thing you can do is to start a flame war. I want an AI tool to help me recognize when I am in that state and to block those messages, suggest (or force) that I wait a day before addressing the issue, and then, if still emotional (but now in a calmer and collected state), go and have a face to face conversation; or e-conference with video if you can’t in person, or phone call if you cant e-conference.

I would love this AI bot to be looking at the sentiment of all electronic messages going through the corporate system. Using sentiment analysis, strong negative emotions can be sensed and stopped before damage is done. In the case of an email, the system might just not send it. Then in 24 hours ping the sender back and say that the message was not sent and suggest going to have a conversation.

Calm Ron is sensitive, rational and follows his own rules. Hot-headed Ron can’t be trusted to do this, unfortunately. Of course, I am working at getting better and better at knowing myself and developing healthy coping strategies etc. etc. but, I am still human and fallible so will take all the help I can get — even from a bot.

Doing an internet search I found an outgoing email sentiment analysis risk notification tool. It is not an outlook plugin however but part of a CRM system for talking with customers.

I did find inbox tools for email sentiment analysis, but none for outgoing mail. There is a gap in the market! So — there is an idea out there for any budding entrepreneurs, go, create. Or ping me if this is something you are interested in working on together because I would love to get this up and running and can see a business model. I think the product could be called The Supremes Bot, — in recognition of the song “Stop! In the Name of Love”; or SAFE Bot — an acronym for Sentiment Analysis For E-Communications Bot.

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