Comparing the theme of The Shawshank Redemption film to Life in Corporate Taylorist America

Hear the minority yearning for face to face human interaction and a return to the office (at least part-time).

  • You sign up for an office job agreeing that you will come into the office X days a week…

Understanding Information Cascade — and how it affects Planning Poker, Affinitiy Mapping and Dot Voting.

My Personal Preference

I’m a fan of face-to-face. I know Marty Cagan is also and quoted a line from his book Inspired recently on LinkedIn and twitter, and was then surprised at the onslaught from those with a strong opinion that remote has now been proven and is the only way to go. The offending quote:

It’s time to shift your organization from the Industrial Age to the Innovation Age with an Innovation Transformation.

If you are playing digital and/or agile transformation right now, you are likely already behind the curve. Instead you need an Innovation Transformation to untether the creative potential of your people. There are people in your org ready to innovate, but right now they are likely stifled by bureaucracy. Break the bureaucracy beast and untether your people.

Agile methods mapped onto the Cynefin Model

Know Thyself

I’ve been learning a lot about cognitive biases recently. There is a lot of information to assimilate and then creating action around that information requires new habit-forming. And I need to do all that while still doing everything else in my life? Sheesh. I could do with some help here.

  • What cognitive…

Ron Quartel

Software Crafter, Disruptor, Pioneer and Intrapreneuer. On a mission to unleash the human spirit in the workplace. Founder of FAST Agile.

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